Information Technology (ICT)

tech_round_smThe island is well located in the Caribbean sea embracing an international business environment manned by both local and international knowledge within your reach. Our local Technology companies have been developing high level and competitive services and products such as CRM, ERP, Mobile Apps and IBeacon applications. Strengthening our international presence the island attracted companies such as AMSIX, Akamai and Google to our shores and software giants as IBM, BearingPoint and Exact facilitate their clients out of their regional HQ based on Curaçao.

We happily invite you as a Start Up or a Technology investor to be part of this habitat where disruptive concepts will have a safe port, protected by international IP laws and enhanced by high quality living standards. At Cinex we will do our outmost to cater your activities on a professional manner and give you the freedom to create your product while enjoying the local disruptive vibe.

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