Logistics: Airport, Maritime Airport

maritim_logisticsCuraçao has a modern and international airport which can handle all types of aircraft, including Boeing 747’s. The airport handles on average 22,000 flights and more than 1.6 million passengers per year; 13,000 tons of cargo passes through the airport annually. There are daily flights to and from Europe, the U.S., South and Central America and the other Caribbean islands. Various airlines maintain extensive air transportation facilities, both for passengers and air freight. Future plans are to further transform the island into a safe gateway to and from Latin America and other parts of the world by developing a green sustainable, 100% self-sufficient Airport City using green energy innovations such as Saltwater Air Conditioning, Waste to Energy and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion to generate electricity. Airport City aims to attract business to further stimulate economic growth. Future plans are to offer commercial space travel.


containers_cpa_cinexAs a result of the extensive port facilities and Curaçao’s geographic location, the island’s port is considered to be a major center for oil transshipment, ship repair and bunkering. A number of important services for shipments into Curaçao and transshipment worldwide are concentrated here, namely for refinery, dry-dock, economic zone, container port and bulk cargo facilities, and for cruise terminals.


Ship repair

dok_curacao_cinexCuraçao has one of the largest commercial dry docks in the Caribbean, the Curaçao Dry Dock, with over 45 years of experience and an effective quality management system proven by ISO 9001-2000 issued by Lloyds. Services being offered are ship repair, engineering, conversion, port repair and on-voyage Services. In 2013 a total of 707.000 man hours were sold, an increase of 16% compared to 2012.


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