Who we are

The Curaçao Investment & Export promotion Agency (CINEX) marks a new beginning in the way of doing International Business with Curaçao. CINEX was established on July 31st, 2014 by the Ministry of Economic Development, with the main purpose of effectively attracting and assisting foreign investors and entrepreneurs throughout the process of seeking and setting up business on the island. CINEX also focuses on local companies that are seeking to do business internationally.
The mission of CINEX is to continuously and effectively attract foreign direct investment, as well as to promote and encourage the export of local product and services in order to boost the economic development of Curaçao. With the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, CINEX is committed to becoming a world-renowned agency and acting as an investor’s first point of contact, providing excellent investor’s facilitation services.

Our services

• Provide information and guidance on investment opportunities in Curaçao;
• Provide support and relevant business information to (potential) investors;
• Assist investors throughout the process of establishing their companies (incl. registration, permits, obtaining licenses etc);
• Facilitate contact with national and local authorities;
• Facilitate contact with the private sector;
• Missions & Matchmaking with potential business partners both International and National.

The Team

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